"When I first encountered Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) I had never heard of a public adjuster.  I’ve owned and managed property for over 15 years and feel that dealing with insurance claims is a big headache.

Even though I pay several hundreds of thousands of insurance premiums and had over $70M in coverage, I felt like the carrier’s adjuster’s just weren’t being fair with me or my management company at our time of need.  We found that trying to fight the insurance company on our own was time consuming, complicated, disappointing, stressful, frustrating, and counterproductive to our operations.

Finally after one of our apartment roofs started leaking after a major storm, I reached out to ICRS.  Their no risk offer to settle our claim was a no-brainer.  After enlisting ICRS, not only did they remove the burden of dealing with the insurance company, they settled the claim damage on that apartment building and also successfully negotiated insurance claim settlements on several of my other properties we had been previously stonewalled by the carrier as well.  Scott and his team guided me step by step through the process and made it easy.

I can say with great confidence that the traction and results that ICRS successfully accomplished for us in settling our insurance claims was nothing short of remarkable!  In one example, they got us a final settlement that was 995x 9,953% higher than the insurance company’s original offer.

If you think you have an insurance claim, don’t wait for matters to go from bad to worse.  I thought it was going to be impossible but with Scott’s expertise and his team’s attention to detail they made the impossible, possible!

Rick Anderson
R&V Anderson Group
“I recently hired ICRS to help me out on an insurance claim. I own several rental properties and one of them was recently vandalized by copper thieves. I attempted to work directly with my insurance company to settle the claim however when I received the check I was shocked. I called ICRS and spoke with Scott and he jumped on the case immediately. Within 30 days I received a check more than double the amount originally offered. Scott and his team were true professionals throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend ICRS to anyone who has an insurance claim if you truly want a fair settlement. Thank you ICRS!!!”  

Darel Daik
Noble Mortgage & Investments
"Insurance Claim Recovery Support did a great job for me! My six-figure claim was settled in less than 2 months.  I couldn't be happier!" - Sam Goldman

Sam Goldman
We the church Board of New Mt Carmel B.C is sending a note of appreciation for the outstanding  service you and your company provided for our congregation,  the professionalism, courtesy,  and efficiency made it comfortable for our congregation you will be HIGHLY recommended to others through out the community in need of your service


CHAIRMAN Richard Sims

Richard Sims
Scott was hired as our independent adjuster on several roof claims.  He did a great job which resulted in successful claims.

Russell Trippet - President of Brothers Management
Brothers Management
It was a real pleasure doing business with you.  We were most impressed with your diligence, persistence and the speed at which you settled this claim.  Thank you. 

Jack Chitayat, Atlantic Realty Group

We greatly appreciate the excellent services that ICRS provided us on a home insurance claim. During the time Scott Friedson worked on our case, he made us feel we were his most important clients. He was very well prepared to rebut the claims our insurance company was making. If we had not had hired ICRS, we would not have won the case. The money we received from the settlement was sufficient to make the repairs. Scott’s biggest asset is being a very trustworthy person.

Rosalba Andrade
Thank you Scott for your efforts and persistence! You exposed the log jam we had and all the barriers that were thrown up at us and the lack of good faith in the part of the insurance company to even negotiate with us was paramount in our claim settlement.  Thank you so much, I appreciate everything you've done for us.

Mike Jones - Chico ISD

This letter is written to thank you and express our sincerest appreciation for your help in settling three separate insurance claims with seven different insurance companies. As you may recall, with two of the claims the insurance company denied coverage in the beginning, but because of your tireless efforts and your extensive knowledge of the business we were paid more than $500,000 on the claims that were originally denied. The other claim was on a very complicated roof system that took a number of months to work with the insurance company. We were ultimately paid almost $600,000. Were it not for your
skills and knowledgeable, thorough in-depth approach, we would not have been able to make the recovery that we did.

You have show n the upmost professionalism in your representation of our interests (no yelling, no drama) but most of all you have been consistent with your follow through at every point in the negotiation. We always hope we will never have another loss, but if we do, you will be the first person we call.

Thanks again for your help.


Ben Stribling

Stribling Company
avatar"I’ve been working with ICRS for over 4 years and they just settled my six-figure hail claim in only 5-weeks! They inspected my property, estimated the damages, met with the insurance company’s adjuster, negotiated a great settlement and even helped me find a local contractor do the work. I couldn’t be happier with Insurance Claim Recovery Support's results and highly recommend them to any commercial property owner.”

Sam Goldman

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