Original Article from The Amarillo Pioneer and written by Thomas Warren

Thunderstorms rolled through Amarillo on Friday afternoon, bringing heavy rains, hail, and lightning.

The storm rolled in just before 4pm in Amarillo, with hail slamming several neighborhoods. The storm caused some power outages, according to Xcel Energy’s outage map, and at least one fire south of Amarillo. Several front yards were covered with hail in a way reminiscent of snow. There were also multiple neighborhoods with trees showing fewer leaves than when the storm began thanks to the rain and hail.

Emergency vehicles could be seen responding to events during the storm.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Originally Published With REjournals | BRANDI SMITH | JUNE 2, 2020

Nearly every business has incurred some kind of economic loss associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which in some cases has proven to be as detrimental as damage caused by severe weather or a natural disaster.

“The ensuing result has been an extremely large economic loss to policyholders who have, in turn, looked to their insurance companies and said, ‘Hey, this should be covered, right?’” said Scott Friedson, CEO of Insurance Claim Recovery Support.

This is Friedson’s forte. As a public insurance adjuster, he’s authorized and licensed to negotiate insurance claims on behalf of policyholders, including business interruption loss claims.

“There have been a lot of disputes and interpretations going on as it surrounds this completely uncharted territory that we’ve entered into around COVID-19 insurance claims,” he said, kicking off REDnews’ May 14 webinar Navigating Current Business Insurance Claim Loss Strategies.

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