7 Ways Policyholders Maximize Property Damage Insurance Claims to Get the Fair and Prompt Settlement You Deserve!

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Far too many insurance companies play claim games to delay and underpay legitimate property damages by taking advantage of a policyholder’s burden of proof in the hopes you’ll just go away.  Most commercial real estate and business owners don’t know their rights when it comes to settling insurance claims.  The property damage insurance claim process can be complex and frustrating. These seven steps will help you maximize your claim, saving you time and money so. you get the fair settlement you deserve.

Ready to beat insurance companies who play delay, underpay and deny “claim games”?

  1. Your Insurance Policy – Managing liability and conflicts of interests;
  2. Loss Accuracy – Overcoming disputes with facts and experts to support your claim;
  3. Coverage – Understanding your insurance policy and proving damages;
  4. Facts Vs. Opinions – Evidence which supports a policyholder claim is to be held in equal consideration of the insurer’s interest. Unsupported opinions, misrepresentations, deceptive acts, omissions, refusing, failing, or unreasonably delaying a settlement and improper claim handling practices may elements of bad faith violations in most states.;
  5. Representation – Who legally represents your interests in a property damage insurance claim?
  6. How to negotiate an insurance claim – Claim package submissions that get results;
  7. Dispute Options – Know your rights, remedies, timeframe, costs, pros and cons.

This report is a must-have for any real estate property owner or management company.
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