FAQ – What is a Public Adjuster?

The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

Here’s The Scoop:

Typically a policyholder hires a public adjuster to document and expedite their claims, obtain a more satisfactory claim recovery, more quickly, and completely restore their residence or business operations, and insulate themselves from the stress of engaging in an adversarial role with a large corporation. Source: Wikipedia Public adjusters are the ONLY type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured policyholder during a property insurance claim process.  Public adjusters are licensed by the state department of insurance.  ICRS public adjusters are also bonded and insured. 

Public adjuster’s main responsibilities are to: 

– Evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim
– Research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses
– Evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses
– Determine values for settling covered damages
– Prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured
– Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured
– Re-open claims
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Get a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster as your exclusive advocate representing your interests

Who Hires a Public Adjuster?

We work for you, the insured. Whether your a Commercial Property Owner, Contractor, Lender, or Attorney we’re here for you.

The time savings alone is something you can’t even quantify.  The peace of mind knowing that ICRS is taking care of the details such as documentation, negotiations, policy interpretation (pro-policyholder), inspections, estimates, paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork to ensure you get everything you deserve is priceless!  If you hire a tax preparer to do your returns, chances are you’ll appreciate a good public adjuster.

What are the terms and fees?

Term: No recovery, No fee.  If you do not receive settlement from your insurance company, we do not collect a fee.*  Our service fee is due in full upon receipt of payment from the insurance company.  *Contingency fees in Louisiana and Utah are prohibited, nominal fee.  

Fee: Typically our fee is 10% of Gross Insurance Claim Settlement minus your deductible.  Please call 855-203-2226 for fee rate in your state.

What kind of results has ICRS delivered historically?

We have successfully increased insurance claim settlements on the behalf of our client policyholders from 20% to almost 10,000% higher than the insurance carrier’s initial offer.    Policyholders who have an advocate representing their insurance claim settlements typically result in larger payments to the policyholders.

When should I hire a Public Adjuster?

Typically, the sooner the better. Documenting damage as close as possible to the date of loss is very important especially because partial losses are the most widely interpreted areas of policy coverage.

We work exclusively for you, the policyholder…NOT the insurance company, EVER!

Our job is to make sure that you receive the maximum insurance claim settlement you are entitled to in minimum time. Your recovery is our success.

Don’t Wait Another Moment!

Get The Maximum Settlement You Deserve In Minimum Time!

Insurance Companies Have Experts Working For Them, You Should Too!  ™


How ICRS delivers Maximum Recovery in Minimum Time…

– We document, present, and negotiate your insurance claim from a “pro-policyholder” point of view to your insurance company.

– Exclusive representation of YOUR interests, the policyholder. 

– No recovery, no fee. 

– Licensed insurance claim professionals with extensive large loss claim experience. 

– 3rd party insurance claim documentation. 

– We attend meetings, handle communications and negotiate your settlement on your behalf. 

– No conflict of interest.  We do not work for insurance companies or general contractors. 

– Tireless work ethic to get the results you deserve. 

– Claim Advice, Strategies, and Expert Resources to protect your Policyholder Rights. 

– Exceptional customer service. 

– Time savings and stress reduction. 

– Haag Certified Commercial Roof Inspector 

– ICRS Public Adjusters professionally handle the insurance claim process for you.

Simply put, we are your advocates who take care of your insurance claim so you take care of business. The benefit in the value we provide is time savings, stress reduction and peace of mind that you are receiving the policy benefits you deserve.  

ICRS takes the burden off of you and positions your claim for the fastest, fairest and easiest path to recovery.  Many of our clients simply do not have the time or expertise to navigate through the insurance claim settlement process.

The results ICRS can deliver is unequivocally greater than those whose claims suffer without our contingency based representation.

Insurance claims are often a process.  Whether you are just initiating a claim or you are dealing with a claim that has stalled out or been underpaid call us.

If you are unhappy with your settlement or you feel it is taking too much time, contact us.If you are stuck and wondering what to do next before hiring an attorney, filing a complaint about your insurance company or invoking appraisal, contact us.If you aren’t even sure if you have an insurable loss but your building or buildings around are damaged, contact us.

How long does it take to settle a claim?

Small claims might take only a few days. The average wind, hail or fire loss can take between 60 and 120 days to process. The length of time needed is based on the size and complexity of the claim. Insurance Claim Recovery Support understands the sense of urgency you feel and the desire you have to quickly resume your daily life. We will do everything in their power to ensure your claim is processed quickly and efficiently, while at the same time maximizing your claim benefits.
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Does every claim warrant the use of a public adjuster?

 No.  If you suffered a loss and you are comfortable handling the claim yourself and/or are satisfied with your treatment and settlement that your insurance carrier has paid you would not need a public adjuster.
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If I read my policy, will I know my rights?

Even if you read your policy from cover to cover, you will not know how the insurance company interprets and applies the numerous and lengthy clauses and endorsements to the policy. With a public adjuster protecting your interests, you can rest assured that the policy will be professionally interpreted and explained to you. In addition, there are laws and statutes that apply to the insurance industry that you may not be aware of. These are things that a public adjuster will be equipped to handle because they work in the field every day.
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Can I handle my own claim?

Yes, anyone can try to prepare a claim, but not everyone is equipped to do so. The public adjuster will have access to the tools and software needed to handle your claim. The Public Adjuster stands on an equal footing with the insurance company when it comes to the handling, preparation and presentation of your claim.
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Don’t wait for your insurance claim to be underpaid, delayed or denied!

If you are experiencing any of these circumstances, whether you just initiated a new property damage insurance claim or are dealing with an ongoing Underpaid or Denied settlement, then contact us to learn how an ICRS licensed public adjuster can help you today.