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Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC was formed to help property policyholders in need of strategic and practical representation in recovering from property damage insurance claims.

Policyholders dealing with complex insurance claims issues, delays, underpayment or denials have received the results and benefits they deserve with Scott’s expertise. As an active member in the multifamily and public adjusting community, he has been a speaker at apartment and roofing contractor associations advocating what policyholders need to know about insurance claims. Scott currently holds a public insurance adjuster licenses in Texas and Oklahoma and held a Texas real estate broker’s license for over a decade along with more than 20 years of combined experience in real estate as a broker, apartment owner and public insurance adjuster. new Click here for a partial list of large loss clients we have successfully served.
HAVE YOU suffered a property loss to your home or business? If so please consider hiring ICRS to assist with your insurance claim. we will work to increase the amount of the payment you are rightly owed from the insurance claim & save you the stress.

How We Can Help YOU!

We offer:
comprehensive property claim adjusting estimating forensics engineers building consultants damage appraisers weather data policy interpretation building code and upgrade analysis business interruption claim documentation to support the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time possible.

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ICRS levels the playing field with your insurance company and their adjusters.
Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC (ICRS) is a leading state licensed firm of Public Insurance Adjusters dedicated to protecting the interests of insured residential and commercial property owners as their exclusive claim advocate.
We work solely for the interests of policyholders (not the insurance company, EVER!) to help you recover the insurance claim settlement you deserve.

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Four Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

Reason 1

Data in Florida that shows the use of a public insurance adjuster typically increases the final amount of the claim payments.  Several insureds have explained that, if not for the assistance of their public insurance adjuster, they would not have received the amount of their claim payment for their loss.

Reason 2

The PA is paid a percentage of your recovery . Many public adjusters who assist claimants are paid on a contingency fee basis only, meaning, the insured is not paying an hourly rate for the services or having to pay any money for the services to begin. When an insured pays a public adjuster a small percentage of the claim payments collected by the PA or ultimately recovered, the PA can get started helping right away and should work diligently because they have a desire to see you get properly paid for your claim so that they receive payment for services.

Reason 3

The Grief, Stress and Confusion of the Claim caused to policyholders is not necessarily caused by the insurance company’s actions but by the traumatic loss itself.  No one doubts that damages to a property causes stress and grief. These difficulties are only compounded when a claim is not properly handled or more importantly, documented  and the insured feels the insurance company is not standing behind the promises in the policy.  Because a claim can be emotional and burdensome for insureds, many policyholders hire ICRS to deal with their claims which includes the preparation of a proper claim file on their behalf as well as remove the emotional and time burdens.

Reason 4

There is a significant difference between a contractor and a Public Adjuster.  A contractor is a vendor and a Public Adjuster is an agent for the insured.  

Loss Commercial Insurance Claims Public Adjuster & Damage Appraisal Results…

Increased Multifamily Claim in Lubbock, TX from $200,000 repair to $800,000 replacement.

Settled a $400,000+ Multifamily Hail and Wind Claim in 60 days.

Assisted Multifamily owners recover from over $4,000,000.00 in commercial wind losses in San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX

Settled over  $250,000.00 in Multifamily pipe burst loss claims in the Austin, TX area 

Settled over $150,000.00 in Multifamily fire claims in Austin, TX area 

Analyzed and computed over $100,000.00 in Multifamily Business Interruption claims 

Settled over $10,000,000 in commercial property hail and wind damage claims 

Increased partial house fire loss by 47% in Austin, TX

Increased Multifamily settlement 995x (9,953%) higher than the insurance company’s initial offer. 

Increased Multifamily settlement over 300x (3,000%+) higher than the insurance company’s initial offer. 

Increased Multifamily Claim in Lubbock, TX from $200,000 repair to $800,000 replacement.