How To Settle Property Damage Insurance Claims

We’re trusted by Texas property owners to settle commercial insurance claims successfully and quickly

  • Are you looking for the single best way to get the Insurance Claim Settlement You Deserve Fairly and Promptly?
  • Are Underpayments and Delays from Hail, Fire, Wind, Water and Business Interruption Costing You Time, Money and possibly your sanity?
  • Need a strategic approach to recovering from a large property damage insurance claim?

You can hope or you can plan, either way, your real estate assets are always at risk of being damaged and your insurance company’s representatives are coming to adjust your claim….their way.

Who represents your interests is entirely up to you.

You can wing it on your own. You can ask your insurance broker to talk to the claims department, but you already know, facts speak louder than words. The truth is, policyholders carry the burden of proof while insurers have a duty to perform a good faith claims investigation.   Therein lies the rub.  You can hire an attorney and go through subpeonas, discovery, mediation and court. Or you can plan ahead and retain the Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster at ICRS who specialize in settling large loss insurance claims representing only policyholders.

Here’s why Commercial property owners trust Insurance Claim Recovery Support to represent your interests pro-policyholder to get the settlement you deserve.

  • Over $100M Claim Settlements;
  • Fastest way to fairly and promptly settle insurance claims;
  • Licensed Public Insurance Adjusters who exclusively represent policyholders for over 10 years;
  • Avoid underpaid and delayed settlements;
  • Avoid unnecessary litigation;
  • Avoid unnecessary appraisal;
  • Routinely increase claims from 30% to infinite returns by overturning wrongfully denied claims.

Busy commercial building owners don’t have time or expertise to deal with large and complex property damage insurance claims… let the pros at Insurance Claim Recovery Support get you the maximum settlement  minimum time!

Commercial Building Owners Beat Insurer’s Underpaid Claim….(Here Is How)

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