A severe thunderstorm with strong wind gusts and softball size hail hammered Del Rio Saturday night, causing extensive damage to vehicles, roofs, and windows.

Neighbors throughout the city reported large hailstones, ranging from quarter size to golf ball and even softball size in their properties.

A severe thunderstorm warning issued by the National Weather Service alerted residents of Kinney County, Val Verde County and South Central Texas area of the storm, encouraging everyone to seek shelter immediately.

At 8:30 p.m the storm was located 12 miles east of Del Rio, moving east at 25 mph.

The storm carried a potential of 60-mile an hour wind gusts, the National Weather Service warning said.

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AUSTIN, Texas – July 29, 2014 – PRLog — Hail damage insurance claims have become such a big deal in Texas that the department of insurance held a symposium titled “War on Hail“  Over 2 million hail damage claims were processed from Jan. 1, 2010 to Dec. 31, 2012. During this period, the top five states generating hail damage claims were Texas (320,823); Missouri (138,857); Kansas (126,490); Colorado (118,118) and Oklahoma (114,168).

In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Texas was the state with the most hailstorm events with 557, 741 and 795, respectively according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

So far, 2014 Texas Hail Storms have taken its toll on property owners…

– Abilene projected losses of $400 Million
– Insured loss estimates for the Denton area started at $300M then rose to $500M within a month after the occurrence.
– More than 50,000 homes were damaged throughout Kileen, Temple, and Belton

Policyholders deserve and expect a fair and prompt settlement but many dealing with the insurance claim process feel like a “Wolfpack of One”.  Ok, maybe you’re a “Wolfpack of Two” if you have a really good contractor. That’s not a bad start, but you still have to document your claim, the occurrence, meet with the insurance company’s “Claim Gang“, interpret your policy, correspond and negotiate a settlement with your insurance company.  Plus, there is a pretty good chance that your insurance company may presently be at war on hail claims unbeknownst to you.

Have you experienced the effectiveness of an insurance company’s “Claim Gang” comprised of Agents, Adjusters, Examiners, Engineers, Building Consultants, Labs, Actuaries, Appraisers, and Attorneys?  If so, you know that these insurance claim experts work very hard on a daily basis for the interests of their gigantic insurance company employers and take great measures to protect their bottom line.

Don’t forget that your policy is a contract and its language, endorsements, exclusions and provisions were written by a gigantic insurance company loaded with adjusters, actuaries, and attorneys in compliance with the Texas state insurance code. So, if you think you’re really going to have a “like it never even happened” experience, you may need to suit up like the Seattle Seahawks on Super Bowl Sunday.

Truth: Unfortunately, not all insurance claims have happy endings like the commercials you see on TV.  If your building has verifiable hail and/or wind damage, it’s possible you have a valid insurance claim that you should consider filing with your insurance company.  Hail and wind damage might not cause your roof to leak for years. If you’re not sure, have your roof inspected for damage by a reputable roofer or public insurance adjuster.

Are You Damaged And Don’t Even Know It? After a building has been impacted by hail, damage may not immediately be noticeable.  Many property owners are simply unaware that they have damage, but over the course of time, heat and cold expand and contract roof membranes that can cause fractures after a hail storm.   Ice and heavy rain on a roof with undetected hail fractured membranes can lead to interior leaks. If you are experiencing this scenario, don’t wait to get professional insurance claim assistance.

Fiction:  My contractor can negotiate my insurance claim on my behalf.

Fact:  While there are many expert roofers and contractors who are very good at repairing or replacing roofs, handling insurance claims is a completely different animal.  The issue of roofers handling insurance claims for policyholders has driven changes in the Texas Insurance Code Section 4101.251 with the passage of House Bill 1183, that went into effect September 2013 whereby the statute specifically states, “A roofing contractor may not act as an adjuster or advertise to adjust claims for any property for which the contractor is providing or may provide roofing services, regardless of whether the contractor holds a license under this chapter.”  Further, insurance companies know that they are prohibited from negotiating insurance claims with contractors.

Fiction: My insurance company will cancel my policy if I file a claim.

Fact: Most states prohibit insurance companies from canceling policies for filing claims arising from weather events. Check your state and your policy language.

Fiction: If I don’t file my claim, my insurance company won’t raise my rates.

Fact: After a disaster, insurance companies may raise everyone’s rates in a specific geographic area or “tier.”  By not filing your legitimate claim, your personal rate increase pays for everyone else’s damage except yours.  Read More>> Investigation – Homeowner’s insurance rates on rise

Fiction:  It’s too late to file a claim.

Fact: There is no time limit to notify your insurer of a loss unless the policy specifies a time limit.  However, a policyholder should certainly notify the carrier as soon as the damage from the loss is discovered.  Prompt notice of loss is required by most policies, though what is “prompt” is usually a fact issue—meaning it is arguable on a case-by-case basis.  Some policies now require that notice of a loss must be given within one year of the date of loss.    However, in order to avoid its obligations to pay policy benefits based on a failure to give prompt notice, an insurer must prove it was somehow prejudiced by the “late” notice.[1]   An example of prejudice would be a policyholder’s late notice of roof damage which subsequently (not simultaneously) caused water damage inside the property.  Arguably, the insurer would still be responsible for the roof, but may not be responsible for the interior damages because but for the policyholder’s late notice, the interior damage would have been prevented.

Insurance companies have experts working for them, you should too.
If you are dealing with an insurance claim that has stalled out, been delayed, denied or underpaid, time is of the essence for you to get help.  A public adjuster is a state-licensed insurance adjuster who solely represents the interest of the policyholder who can level the playing field in the insurance claim process.

– By Scott Friedson, Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC and Shannon Loyd, The Loyd Law Firm PLLC

Scott Friedson, the owner of Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC, is a Texas Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.  Shannon Loyd, the owner of The Loyd Law Firm PLLC, is Board Certified in Consumer and Commercial Law.   The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the firms, its clients, or any of its or their respective affiliates. This article is for general information purposes and is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal advice.

[1] PAJ, Inc. v. Hanover Ins. Co., 243 S.W.3d 630 (Tex. 2008); Hernandez v. Gulf Group Lloyds, 875 S.W.2d 691, 692-94 (Tex.1994).

Hail Season is Here.
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The national weather service in Fort Worth, Texas has issued a * severe thunderstorm warning for the below counties:

East central Denton County in North Central Texas & Central Collin County in North Central Texas until 6:30 pm cdt. At 5:23 pm CDT, a severe thunderstorm was located near Celina, or 10 miles north of Frisco, moving southeast at 25 mph.

Hazard: Tennis ball size hail and 60 mph wind gusts.
Source: radar indicated.
Impact: People and animals outdoors will be injured. expect hail damage to roofs, siding, windows, and vehicles. Expect wind damage to roofs, siding, and trees.

Locations impacted include Plano, McKinney, Frisco, Richardson, Allen, Wylie, Sachse, Little Elm, Murphy, Prosper, Fairview, Princeton, Celina, Lucas, Parker, Aubrey, Lowry Crossing, Cross Roads, Melissa, and St. Paul.

Hail: 2.50in
Wind: 60mph


4/6/2018 5:38:00 PM:

3-inch sized hail reported 1 mile west of Celina. significant damage reported to vehicles.


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Current Hail Storm Dallas, Texas on 04/06/2108- Call ICRS Current Hail Storm Dallas, Texas on 04/06/2108- Call ICRS

Brazos Valley Hail Damage Commercial Properties, Large Loss Hail Damage Insurance Claim Representation

Brazos Valley Hail Damage Commercial Properties 

On 3/18/18 a heavy hail storm came across Brazos Valley leaving some very large hail in its path….

KBTX received reports and photographs of dented cars and broken windows on vehicles across the Brazos Valley.

Caldwell and northern Walker County were especially hit hard, with many residents seeing larger than baseball-sized hail in their yards.

The storms that blew through packed a ton of wind, too. Emergency management in northern and northeastern Walker County reported several trees down, some of which had fallen on homes. The wind gusted to near 80 mph, but it is unclear if a tornado caused the damage.

Viewers in Snook also reported heavy wind from the storm that blew through Sunday afternoon.

There have been no immediate reports of injuries from the storms.


Brazos Valley Hail Damage Commercial Properties

Hailstorm in Tarrant County tops $600 million in insurance claims

So far this year it’s the 12th costliest hailstorm in Texas history with roof claims expected to increase. The Insurance Council of Texas, an industry trade group, estimates last week’s hail storm will reach $600 million in auto & property claims.


Policyholders dealing with property hailstorm damage insurance claims seeking professional representation? Submit your policy, damage estimates and claim correspondence for a free consultation HERE.

Getting dents out of cars and replacing roof shingles across Tarrant County is going to take a while.

The Insurance Council of Texas, an industry trade group, now estimates last week’s hail storm will reach $600 million in auto and property claims.

If those estimates are correct, Friday’s severe weather would be the 12th costliest storm in Texas, said Mark Hanna, an Insurance Council spokesman.

“That means a lot of insurance adjusters are busy right now looking at autos, homes, and businesses,” Hanna said. “We need to get people back on their feet again.”

For many Tarrant County residents, the headaches are just starting.

The phone was also ringing constantly at Lon Smith Roofing and Construction in Fort Worth.

The company had 22 estimators working Monday and is in the process of adding more staff, said Lon Smith president David Cox.

Homes and businesses with roof damage stretch from Benbrook to Arlington.

“We’re adding more people to answer phones,” Cox said. “It’s the biggest one we’ve had in a while but it’s too early to say how big it will be. These storms tend to grow around the edges as more people realize they may have damage.”

The next time it rains will likely reveal more hail damage, Cox said.

“You have the shock and awe where big hail hit — we’ve all seen the video — but really these things tend to grow on the edges,” Cox said. “We need a good rain to expose granular loss.”


Insurance Council estimates April 3 hail storm did $300M in damage, mostly in Denton County >> Read More

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Several rounds of severe weather, including reported tornadoes and monster hail, left storm damage across in Denton and areas of north Texas on Thursday.  Policyholders filing insurance claims are strongly encouraged to take photos of damage on the roof, air conditioning units, window, fences, cars and other properties around you.

  • Immediately mitigate damage.
  • Photograph damage before doing repairs.
  • ICRS will review commercial property owner’s insurance policies at NO CHARGE.
  • Contact your insurance company in writing to open a claim.

Take a look at this: Severe Weather North Texas: Tornadoes Spotted, Damage, Injuries Reported (PHOTOS)

If you are dealing with insurance claims and want professional help, please contact me today at scott@insuranceclaimrecoverysupport.com

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