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Commercial Large Loss Panel Moderator – National Conference

Scott Friedson CEO of Insurance Claim Recovery Support Public Insurance Adjusters moderated the Commercial Large Loss panel at Win The Storm Conference. The distinguished nationwide group of contractors, public adjusters, engineers, attorneys, hygienists, and consultants covered important insurance claim topics, dispelled misconceptions, and covered essential issues every policyholder and insurance professional who works or aspires to handle large loss claims needs to know.   “It was a pleasure and honor to moderate this prestigious panel of industry experts dedicated to protecting the interests of policyholders,” said Friedson.   Navigating the process of filing and settling large loss property damage insurance claims caused by hurricanes, hail, fire, wind, water or other perils takes a team to properly assess and negotiate a fair settlement.  Discover how industry leaders bypass insurance claim disinformation, work as a team, and start a commercial large-loss insurance claim correctly.  Everyone agreed, documentation and credibility while managing risk requires experience and strategy.   This valuable 45-minute video with seasoned industry leaders offers insight into property damage insurance claims simply not available anywhere else!

Questions & Topics included:

  • How does your company define large loss?
  • What’s the one thing you know now that you wish you knew when you first started doing large loss claims?
  • Why deductibles and policies are important to know from the beginning of a claim;
  • How to start a commercial large loss property damage insurance claim on the right path to stay ahead of the insurer;
  • How do you approach the conversation regarding fees for a public adjuster or engineer?
  • If you could wave a wand and make the claim process better for policyholders,  what one improvement would you make?
  • What do you think are the biggest mistakes someone in your field can make?

Be sure to also check out Chip Merlin’s property insurance coverage law blog post about the panel discussion. https://www.propertyinsurancecoveragelaw.com/2023/03/articles/insurance/first-day-at-win-the-storm/?fbclid=IwAR0IWLyE_DqLKIq22GarE3qj-0m9HF_8NOCRSA25mRIYZNRNRj9YT-ir4l0

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