Commercial and Multifamily Property Damage
Public Insurance Adjusters

public insurance adjusters, Commercial and Multifamily Property Public Insurance Adjusters

Public Insurance Adjusters are the only type of licensed insurance claims adjusters who can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.  Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) is a leading public insurance adjusting firm who specializes in documenting, negotiating and settling large fire, hail, storm, business interruption and other covered property damage losses solely on the behalf of the insured policyholder NOT  the insurance company.  Multi-million dollar settlements have been negotiated that were substantially lower or wrongfully denied before our involvement without unnecessary litigation for our commercial, apartment, hotel building owners, property management companies, religious organizations, and homeowner associations over 10 years.

Are You Stressing Over Insurance Claim Delays, Denials or Low Settlement Offers?

You wouldn’t hire the I.R.S. to prepare your tax returns so why would you allow your insurer to prepare your insurance claim?

public insurance adjusters, Commercial and Multifamily Property Public Insurance Adjusters

Don’t Take Chances!  Know your claim options and rights!

We exclusively represent the policyholder’s interests, NOT the insurance company.  You gain the competitive advantage of having a claim advocate who levels the playing field with your insurance company RISK FREE!

Commercial building operators, apartment owners and property management companies insurance claim settlement outcomes have greatly benefited the policyholders we represent saving valuable time and several strategic advantages by employing an ICRS public insurance adjuster to represent your interests when you suffer a fire, hail or other storm loss.

–  Avoid unnecessary litigation;
– Reduce time and stress dealing with your insurance claim;
– Comprehensive “pro-policyholder” documentation that objectively supports the scope and value of your claim;
– We estimate the full scope of your damage for maximum recovery allowable under your policy coverage;
– Any areas of your policy “open to interpretation” are negotiated “pro-policy holder”;
– You get a claim advocate to help guide you through your policyholder rights;
– You get the maximum settlement you deserve in the shortest amount of time;
– We provide the knowledge and expert resources you need to get the fair settlement you deserve;
– We eliminate the burden, time and stress of you having to deal with your insurance company;
– You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with our “No Risk Offer – No Recovery, No Fee

What is a public insurance adjuster?

Fact: It is up to you, the insured, to present your claim to the insurance company to settle.  They have their teams of experts, shouldn’t you have yours?  Documentation and policy interpretation by a licensed expert engaged as your advocate is the key to successful claim recovery.

The insurance settlement process can be complex and can wear out even the most vigilant policy owners.  In many cases, if you aren’t represented by a licensed public insurance adjuster or have light documentation in your claim file, you could settle for much less than you may rightfully be entitled and the process could take longer time during a period when time is of the essence in your financial recovery.

Avoid Insurance Claim Underpayment, Denial and Recovery Delays!


  • Who can help me with an insurance claim?
  • What is a public adjuster?
  • Where can I get a 2nd opinion on my current or old claim?
  • When will my claim settle?
  • Why am I not getting results on my own?
  • Can I have my property inspected for damage at no charge?
  • Am I over or underinsured with my current insurance policy?


Fighting to Recover Your Damages

  • No hidden surprises.
  • No out of pocket expenses.
  • Our fees are paid on the outcome of the claim settlement.

    100% No Risk Offer

We are your greatest advocate in the worst of times
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  1. Rachel Frampton
    Rachel Frampton says:

    There was a flooding incident in my community the other week, and this caused water damage to my basement area, which is why I’m currently looking for a public adjuster that will help me understand my insurance policy and coverage. I agree with you that these types of documents must be interpreted by a licensed adjuster. It is true that through this service, hidden expenses will be avoided.

  2. Kristofer Van Wagner
    Kristofer Van Wagner says:

    Thank you for explaining to us that a public adjuster can help us get our fair share when we apply for insurance claims. The other day my friend mentioned that she applied for an insurance claim for her property. I will ask her to work together with a public adjuster.


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