Hail Damage Insurance Claim

The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

Large Loss Hail Damage Insurance Claim Representationhail damage insurance claim.Cropped Commercial Building & Apartment Complex Policyholders Dealing With Hail Damaged Buildings, Roofs, Windows, HVAC Systems, Business Interruption Loss, and Interior Damage…Get Insurance Claim Help Here.

  • Your Insurance Claim Settlement May Be Underpaid, Delayed, or Denied If Your File Lacks Critical Documentation That YOU Are Burdened To Provide.
  • We Take On Your Claim Burdens and Exercise Your Policyholder Rights So You Can Focus on Running Your Business Operations.
  • Discover the Difference a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster Who Exclusively Represents the Interests of Policyholders, NOT the Insurance Company Can Make in Getting Your Claim Settled Fairly and Promptly!

We Exclusively Represent The Insured.


Top Reasons Why Multi-Family and Commercial Property Owners, Contractors & Management Companies Trust Our Public Insurance Adjusters

  1. We know the commercial real estate and property management business.  Prior to being a PA, the CEO of ICRS brokered apartments and still retains ownership interest in over 1,000 units.
  2. Experience – Commercial insurance claims require expertise and resources to get your claim settled so you can focus on your business.  Click here for partial list of commercial clients.
  3. Public Adjusters are the ONLY type of state licensed insurance claim adjuster who can legally represent the rights of an insured policyholder.
  4. Insurance companies typically employ in-house or “third-party” adjusters.  Be aware, although they are licensed and may call themselves “independent adjusters”, they are paid by and work for the interests of the insurance company; not you.  Our Public Adjusters Work For YOU, Leveling the Playing Field.
  5. We offer a 100% Risk Free, No Recovery, No Fee solution GUARANTEED in writing.
  6. We eliminate the time & stress of you having to deal with your insurance company by taking care of all the paperwork, meetings, documentation, & negotiations.
  7. We Interpret Policy, Document Damage and Negotiate Your Settlement…PRO-POLICYHOLDER.
  8. ICRS Public Adjusters exclusively represent YOUR INTERESTS…NOT the insurance company…EVER!!! Beware of the Public Adjuster who ALSO actively works as an adjuster for insurance companies.  
  9. We can re-open claims and negotiate for higher settlement if a discrepancy is found after a claim has been settled.
  10. We have extensive experience in large loss hail insurance claims ranging from apartment buildings to industrial manufacturing facilities.
  11. Experience that Matters to Your Business: Haag Certified Commercial Roof Inspector and a Licensed Public Adjuster with Commercial Property brokerage and Multifamily ownership delivers the expertise and experience your business needs to get a fair and prompt settlement.
  12. Not Attorneys!  As a licensed public adjuster, we can help you get settled in a fraction of the time and expense of an insurance claim lawyer in many circumstances so you avoid potentially unnecessary litigation.
  13. Not Contractors!  Public adjusters are prohibited from providing contractor services on claims they are handling and contractors are prohibited from adjusting claims.
  14. We Exclusively Represent Your Interests!
  15. We love what we do and are passionate about getting you the fair and prompt settlement you deserve!

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 Hail Damage Insurance Claim Warning!

Unlicensed individuals often prey on unknowing consumers by promising to ‘work’ insurance claims to achieve a higher settlement.  Additionally, insurers cannot utilize roofers as de facto public insurance adjusters nor provide commissions to them in the form of direct or indirect payments or rebates that are in excess of amounts owed under the policy.  See TDI Commissioner Bulletin #B-0017-12 for more info.

Scott Friedson is Licensed Public Adjuster Texas #1632488 | Colorado #411678 | Georgia #2874635 | Haag Certified Commercial Roof Inspector #201408103