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Dallas Hailstorm Insured Losses Could Reach $2 Billion

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Below a 1-minute custom Virtual Hail Tour that provides a high-level overview of the locations and extent of potential damage.[vsw id=”NRSYjoQxVeU” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

Don’t Wait to Get Your Hailstorm Insured Losses Adjusted

As commercial property insurance claim experts, we urge property owners to review their insurance policies and if you suspect you have an insured loss, take advantage of our 100% risk-free, no recovery, no fee guaranteed in writing.

Undetected hail and wind damage typically cannot be identified from the ground and can potentially cost you thousands making a bad situation worse.

If your property damage insurance claim settlement has been delayed, denied or underpaid, we can help.  We’ve settled millions of dollars in commercial hail and wind claims throughout Texas and we’d like to help you achieve the same results and tremendous value other clients have gained from our services.

How To Take Advantage Of Our 100% Risk-Free
No Recovery, No Fee…GUARANTEE

1. Send us the address(es) of any property you would like for us to create a hail map FREE OF CHARGE.
2. If we identify your asset(s) were subjected to hail, we will physically inspect the property for hail and wind damage at no charge.
3. If we find an insurable loss, we will give you and your owners a free, no-obligation, no-pressure opinion of claim recovery.
4. If we are hired, and IF we do not recover at settlement, there is no fee.
5. Click Here to Start Your Claim Now

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