hail damage, Hail Damage



Before filing your commercial building hail damage insurance claim, you should have all of the evidence necessary to support all of the damage. Insurance Claim Recovery Support helps policyholders get the insurance benefits they have paid for, allowing them to move on after a storm.

Trusted Public Insurance Adjusters for Large Property Hail Damage Insurance Claims

The Public Adjuster exclusively for Commercial & Multifamily Policyholders

Why should your first call be to ICRS to handle your
Commercial or Multifamily hail and wind insurance claims?

The best time to get your hail and wind insurance claim package documented for you “pro-policyholder” and submitted to your insurer to meet your burden of proof so you can get settled fairly and promptly is at the beginning of the claim process.

The skilled trusted and licensed public insurance adjusters at ICRS advocate exclusively for Commercial and Multifamily owners/operators with their insurance company adjusters. The approach we take to document your claim file and negotiate with your insurer can significantly improve the outcome of the claim.

Our public adjusting firm can save you A LOT of time, money, and frustration!

Hail damaged roof insurance claims – ICRS public adjusters apply their specialized training and experience in settling pitched asphalt shingle, metal, modified bitumen, foam, or other flat roof materials damaged by hail and wind.

  • Get the settlement you deserve fairly and promptly so you can get back to business;
  • Utilize a non-litigious, yet the legal approach to settling your insurance claim;
  • We’ll help you avoid unnecessary litigation or appraisals that may take several more months or years to get settled.

There is no substitute for a good reputation and experience in meeting the burden of proving what you are rightfully owed. We routinely avoid unnecessary, time-consuming, and cash flow killing litigation or appraisal.

If you have already filed your hail claim and your insurance company has not given the settlement results you feel you deserve, we can re-open and supplement a claim you believe to be unfairly delayed, denied or underpaid.  We encourage you to know your rights, and remedies in order to protect your interests, contact ICRS today to get straight answers.

The ICRS competitive advantage for settling large loss insurance claims at the initial stages of the claims process allows you to:

  • Stop worrying about losing valuable time and money dealing with unreasonable adjusters;

  • Streamline the insurance claim process with our licensed local affiliate partner and resources;

  • Utilize your time to do more of the high priority things you need to get done;

  • Have your claim handled by professionals…No Recovery, No Fee;

  • Level the playing field with your insurance company’s adjuster….we legally and exclusively represent you;

  • Get your Pro-Policyholder claim of damages presented and backed up to meet your required burden of proof to your insurer at the same time or before they issue an initial coverage determination letter;

  • Increase the chances you receive a fair and prompt settlement so you can get back to business;

hail damage, Hail Damage

Preventing Roof Damage

  • Trim tree branches so they don’t rub on the roof.
  • Remove debris from your roof, gutters, and downspouts.
  • Get your roof inspected prior to the storm season.  A little problem can turn into a BIG PROBLEM.  Take advantage of our complimentary Risk-Free building inspection before storm season begins.

During A Hailstorm

  • Place any items from outside indoors. Small Items have a chance to fly around in high winds and you want to protect as many items as possible.
  • Close all windows and cover them up. You don’t want glass flying in.
  • Stay indoors, away from skylights and doors.
  • Hailstorms can be a warning sign for tornadoes. If the sky is getting dark and you start to hear a loud roar, take shelter in case a tornado is on its way.
hail damage, Hail Damage
hail damage, Hail Damage

After A Hailstorm

• Check your property for any potential hail and wind damage.
• Damage to trees, landscaping, and vehicle dents for collateral damage.
• Broken windows or siding.
• Dents in gutters, downspouts and air conditioning units.
• Missing shingles, indentations in roof materials.
• Take pictures of all damages.
• Contact your insurer or insurance agent and put them on notice you intend to file a hail insurance claim.

YOU MUST MITIGATE DAMAGES as soon as reasonably possible.
• Keep records of mitigation and clean up expenses.
Contact ICRS for a complimentary hail report that provides hailstone size at your location, policy review, and building inspection.


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Hail Damage
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Hail Damage

hail damage, Hail Damage

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We are your advocates who take care of your insurance claim so you take care of business

ICRS is a leading state-licensed firm of Public Insurance Adjusters dedicated to protecting the interests of insured commercial and multifamily property owners as their claim advocate.  Clients like to call us, the Policyholder’s Insurance Adjusters.

Scott Friedson

Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC was formed to help property policyholders in need of strategic and practical representation in recovering from property damage insurance claims. Policyholders dealing with complex insurance claims issues, delays, underpayment, or denials have received the results and benefits they deserve with Scott’s expertise. As an active member of the multifamily and public adjusting community, he has been a speaker at apartment and roofing contractor associations advocating what policyholders need to know about insurance claims. Scott currently holds a public insurance adjuster licenses in Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Oklahoma and holds a Texas real estate broker’s license for over a decade along with more than 20 years of combined experience in real estate as a broker, apartment owner, and public insurance adjuster.

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Phone • 832.725.2878  |  Email • scott@insuranceclaimrecoverysupport.com

What Our Clients Say

Insurance Claim Recovery Support settled my claim for top dollar in just 40 days after a hail claim on my apartment complex was flat out denied. I didn’t want to sue my insurance company so my insurance agent referred me to “the best public adjuster firm in Texas”. ICRS completely reversed the carrier’s position and I couldn’t be happier with the service or results! I highly recommend Scott and his team to any commercial or multifamily owner or operator dealing with an insurance claim.

Our company suffered severe hail and wind damage to two large apartment complexes in San Antonio, TX. We would have lost out on our insurance claim without the help of ICRS. They helped us identify damage, process our claim and stuck it through with all the way to the end of a several month battle. We are extremely happy with the results Scott and team were able to provide.

ICRS provided superior support and documentation, which was invaluable in proving the extent of roof damage that was sustained from a major hail storm that struck the Chico Community. A great professional service that advocates for their clients.

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