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Report Contractors & Roofers Negotiating Insurance Claims to TDI Fraud Dept.

TDI Urges Consumers to Report Roofers & Contractors Negotiating Claims Without a License

Kudos to the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Commissioner for issuing bulletin B-0017-12. Insurers, agents, adjusters, and consumers are urged to report contractors, roofing companies, individuals and entities not licensed by TDI for advertising or performing acts that require them to hold a public insurance adjuster license to the TDI Fraud Unit (1-800-252-3439) The Insurance Code provides for both civil and criminal penalties for violating this licensing requirement as unlicensed persons are not permitted to negotiate insurance claims or perform the acts of a public insurance adjuster.

Only licensed public adjusters should be negotiating any type of insurance claim. If you’re in need of an experienced and certified public adjuster, you can always trust the experts at Insurance Claim Recovery Support. Our team only represents you, not your insurance company. We will fight to get you the fair settlement that you deserve so you can get back to your normal life. With ICRS, you can stop worrying about working with an unexperienced adjuster and know we’re getting you what you’re owed. Contact ICRS today at 832-725-2878 and we’ll get you back to business.

Read more about the TDI’s work here:

Kudos to Dave Lieber and TDI Fraud Unit!

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