Who We Help

We Settle Large Loss Insurance Claims

As commercial property insurance claim advocates for policyholders, we urge property and business owners to review their insurance policies and if you suspect you have an insurable loss, take advantage of our RISK FREE services.

We Exclusively Represent The Policyholder (NOT the Insurance Company) for commercial property Owners, Property Managers, Lenders, Special Servicers and Legal Professionals in need of professional large loss insurance claim settlement services such as…

  • Policy Interpretation
  • Claim Documentation
  • Adjusting
  • Estimating
  • Consulting
  • Analysis
  • Claim Liaison
  • Forensic Accounting

We specialize in large commercial losses on damaged properties such as Apartments, Multifamily, Condominiums, Office Buildings, Retail Centers, Hospitals, Schools, Universities,  Senior Housing, Government Buildings, Industrial, Hotels, Sports and Entertainment buildings that have been impacted by disastrous events such as… Fire, hail, wind loss, pipe bursts, hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, collapse, vandalism, business interruption and other disasters.

You will have no out of pocket expenses or surprises.  We will review your policy, physically inspect your property, document evidence of damage, estimate replace/repair cost of damage and provide an opinion of any potential claim at no charge. 

If you are ready to level the playing field with your insurance company and get the settlement you deserve, then call us Toll Free 855-203-2226 or Direct 832-725-2878.