The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

Does this sound familiar?  “I Wish I Didn’t Have to Mess with Insurance!”

We understand you have enough on your plate already!  You probably don’t have the time or patience to mess around with frustrating and complicated insurance claims.   Just call Insurance Claim Recovery Support at 512-904-9900 for a proactive win-win solution for qualified property management companies you simply cannot refuse.

We guarantee a 24 hour response time and full service “Claim Concierge”, FREE for qualified properties!

Plus you also get…

  • Free policy review by an insurance expert
  • 24 hour response so you can focus on your personal recovery while we focus on your financial recovery.
  • No upfront fees, our compensation is based solely on a success basis.

ICRS in exchange for a 5-year no fee agreement provides you…

1)  Policy review with a “claim adjuster eye”.
2) 24hr response to expertly document all claimable items on insured perils that affect your properties.
3)  Depending on the peril and insurance policy, we will form the team to maximize your financial recovery, and satisfy the insurance policy stipulated post-loss duties, while you focus on their daily business and personal matters.

The next time damage occurs on one of your properties, don’t stress…just contact Insurance Claim Recovery Support and in 24 hours or less we will be on site to start your claim.

Best of all, our service costs you and your owner absolutely nothing out of pocket.

Don’t wait! Get your Free “Claim Concierge” value add service whether you manage 1 or 100 properties

Call (877)682-1036 or  just fill out the form & request a policy review =>