Top Insurance Claim Tips

The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

 Should a Home and Business owner dealing with a property damage insurance claims consider hiring a public adjuster, contractor or attorney to represent them?

One thing is for sure, your time is valuable and every Policyholder needs a claim advocate. After all, insurance companies have experts working for them – you should too! Trust me on this!Do you need a public adjuster or attorney?
  • Are you dealing with an insurance claim and seek an advocate who represents your interest?
  • Are you concerned your insurance claim is being underpaid, delayed or denied? If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions then you may want to consider professional representation as soon as possible.
  • Do you lack time, expertise or desire to deal with the burden of an insurance claim?


What does a public adjuster do for a property owner? The 5 main reasons why property owners hire ICRS public adjusters vs. attorneys or contractors because we…Tips to remember before hiring a public adjuster…
  • Make sure any adjuster and their company is licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance. Verify a license at or call the Department of Insurance at 800-578-4677.
  • Ask what experience does the public adjuster have in settling your type of loss and building?
  • Watch out for the vultures, hustlers, bullies and anyone who uses scare tactics!
  • Check out their businesses at Secretary of State – SOS DIRECT
  • Verify, research and trust your gut.
  • Get References and Call Them!
  • Be sure they approach your claim with surgical precision vs. hammer.
  • Beware anyone approaching you with a contract of any kind unless you requested it.  Barratry is a problem in TX.
  • Be cautious of aggressive individuals who “team sell” with public adjusters, contractors and/or attorneys.
  • Do an online search of the person and company name with the following words: “Ripoff Report”, “Lawsuit”, “Barratry”, “Sued”

Dealing with property damage insurance claims such as hail, wind, water, fire and other perils requires lots of expertise.  Hire ICRS as your own state licensed public adjuster to serve as your claim advocate to document, negotiate and settle your insurance claim so you don’t have to deal with the claims process or your insurance company.  


Know Thy Insurance Policy

If you’re a property owner, whether you own a house or several commercial buildings, but be sure you understand your policy. Do you have a full replacement or actual cash value policy?  If your property is underinsured, there could be some pretty harsh coinsurance penalties.

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Don’t Wait To Call For Backup

Any property owner unsure of their policy or how to proceed with an insurance claim should immediately solicit the services of a professional public insurance adjuster – penny wise and pound foolish is often a shortcoming to claim handling.  Delays and underpayments don’t sound appealing to any policyholder.  Public insurance adjusters are professionals who assist policy holders in the preparation and presentation of first party property claims as well as navigate the claim process.

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Give The Insurance Company What They Need

Policyholders bear the burden of documenting their claim so be sure to provide them the claim documents they need.  Photos of damaged property, repair and mitigation receipts, as well as a filing claims in a timely manner can only help you.

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Know Your Rights

Insurance claims can be complicated and confusing. Policyholders have the right to hire a licensed public insurance adjuster to represent their interests to help settle property damage insurance claims.
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