Do you feel most insurance companies pay their claims fairly and promptly? We give you a free commercial claim review.

We recently learned nearly 40% of all Business owners, 52% of Business Interruption, and 26% of all other Commercial Property insurance claims from Hurricane Harvey were closed with no payment. See page 12 in the link below from Texas Department of Insurance: Texas Department of Insurance Hurricane Harvey Data Call

Still Dealing With Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim?

  • As of the data reporting date 10/31/17, Hurricane Harvey generated about 717,000 claims.
  • Insurers have made about$7.7 billion in claim payments (paid losses), and insurers estimate they will ultimately pay out a total of $19.4 billion.
  • Over 85 percent of all commercial property claims were in the Coastal Bend and Houston.
  • Thousands of these claims were either closed with no payment or are still open.
  • The charts and data below are excerpts from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) Hurricane Harvey Data Call related to Commercial Property insurance claims.

Still Dealing With Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim?

Download Texas Dept. of Insurance Hurricane Harvey Data Call


Have you given up on your insurance claim settlement?

If you are STILL dealing with a delayed or underpaid insurance claim, we can help you. The public adjusters at Insurance Claim Recovery Support are currently offering a FREE claim review for Commercial and Multifamily property managers & owners dealing with delayed, underpaid or denied Harvey insurance claims.

Click the button below for a FREE 2nd opinion of your commercial or multifamily insurance claim and find out if you got a fair settlement or if we can reopen or supplement your claim with No Recovery, No Fee terms!

 Free Commercial Claim Review

Our insurer has unreasonably delayed or underpaid your claim settlement. We exclusively represent the Insured policyholder settle property damage insurance claims. If you are dealing with any of the following issues, please reply to this email.

  1. Your insurer has unreasonably ignored your reasonable claim settlement requests.
  2. Your insurer has failed to provide you with a reasonable explanation of why your claim settlement is delayed or underpaid.
  3. Your insurer has not reimbursed you for mitigation damages or code upgrades.
  4. Your insurer has not paid your business interruption claim properly.
  5. Your insurer has not performed a proper investigation.
  6. You have not documented your claim damages.
  7. Your contractor is not getting anywhere with your insurer. Note: Contractors are not licensed in Texas and are not authorized to negotiate insurance claims. Your insurer knows this and will not settle claims with contractors.
  8. You are considering suing your insurance company but are concerned about the New Texas Insurance Claim Laws that went into effect on September 1, 2017.
  9. You feel like your insurer has utilized abusive bad faith or underhanded insurance claim handling practices to delay and underpay your claim.
  10. You are considering or your insurer has invoked appraisal.
  11. You feel stuck or overloaded. Don’t get caught up in the claim game. Strongly consider retaining ICRS to represent your interests. We are ethical, experienced, licensed, headquartered in Texas, and large loss specialists who consistently increase the insurer’s initial settlement offers. We have settled millions of dollars for the commercial property owners and management companies since Harvey made landfall.

Are you going to sit and wait for your insurance company to Underpay or Delay your Claim Settlement without a fight?

Policyholders Trust Insurance Claim Recovery Support to handle their property damage insurance claims.

If you want to make sure that you get what you deserve, you can have your claim handled by professionally licensed policyholder advocates with experience and credentials:

  • Extensive Commercial & Multifamily Building claim handling experience.
  • Haag certified commercial roof inspectors.
  • IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician.
  • 10% Contingency fee agreement – a fraction of the cost & time of an attorney.
  • No Recovery, No Fee.
Still Dealing With Hurricane Harvey Insurance Claim?

Insurance claims can be confusing and frustrating! Delays and underpayments cost you time and money. Insurance Claim Recovery Support compels insurers to perform! Put our years of experience and success removing the burden of policyholders’ duties to perform under their policy and streamlining the recovery process. When ICRS represents your insurance claim interests we settle it “pro-policyholder” on behalf of YOUR INTERESTS, the insured!

Apartment and Commercial building owners, operators, and vendors trust ICRS licensed public insurance adjusters to get settled!

ICRS, please call me at 832-725-2878 with any questions or schedule your free claim review.



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