The Truth About Property Damage Insurance Claims

  1. The burden of proving and submitting damages which support triggering coverage under your insurance policy falls on you, the insured policyholder.
  2. Insurance companies are required to perform a “reasonable investigation”.
  3. The adjusters, administrators, building consultants and engineers retained by insurance companies represent their interests, not yours.
  4. Insurance company defense attorneys often advise insurer’s whether or not to extend or deny coverage.
  5. Repair vs. replacement disputes often arise from the opinions of an insurer’s representative that falls short of a Policyholder’s expectations of what they feel is deserved especially for the premium they paid for a full replacement policy.
  6. Repair instead of replacement, no damage, incorrect date of loss or other opinions are usually well documented to support the insurers position.
  7. Policyholders who are unrepresented with no documentation are dead in the water.
  8. Representation means position submitted in writing under the guidelines of the policy, state statutes, insurance codes, insurance commissioner bulletins, weather data, photographic evidence, line item detailed estimates, business interruption formulations, 3 party expert reports and other supporting documents that not only presents your claim “pro-policyholder” but also removes insurer’s arguments for denial of coverage, improper repair recommendations, overhead and profit and wait for problems like this to arise are with no counter opinion
  9. The single best piece of our advice we give to our client is “don’t wait for problems, let’s be proactive, let’s get settled and let’s move on with life!”  That also means avoiding unnecessary litigation or appraisals which add time and expense to getting you back to business.
  10. Our reputation for solving problems before they happen is unmatched.  We have a proven methodology notorious for compelling insurers to settle hail insurance claims fairly and promptly.

Our promise…

  • If we can help you, we work on contingency.
  • If you hire us, we’ll work hard with you and your insurer to reach a fair and reasonable settlement promptly.
  • We will factually document and present your claim for coverage submission.
  • We will make reasonable demands on your insurer when necessary.
  • We will fight to avoid unnecessary litigation and appraisals.
  • We do not waste time…yours or ours.
  • If we cannot help you, we’ll tell you and explain why.
  • If we know someone who can help you, we’ll tell you and not expect anything in return (except maybe a 5-star review).
, The Truth About Property Damage Insurance Claims