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What is “Appraisal”?

Disagree as to the value or the amount of your insurance claim loss?  Appraisal Could Be The Most Reasonable Alternative to a Lawsuit…

– Do you have a dispute over “Repair” vs “Replacement”?
– Have you received funds or a settlement offer on your property damage insurance claim that you believe has been underpaid?
– Do you believe your damage warrants full replacement but your insurance company just wants to repair?
– Do you have damage but your insurance company disagrees?
– Does it seem like your claim has “stalled out”?
– Has your claim been “denied” because your insurance company claims your damage is less than your deductible?

Appraisal – If the insured and the insurance company fail to agree as to the actual cash value or the amount of loss, then, on the written request of either, each shall select a competent and disinterested appraiser to review the claim value and policy coverage.

Property Damage Insurance Claim

Typical Appraisal Language

When the request is accepted, the appraisers select a competent and disinterested umpire; if the two appraisers cannot mutually agree on an umpire, then, on request of the insured or the insurance company, the umpire shall be selected by a judge of a court of record in the state in which the property covered is located.

Appraisal proceedings are informal unless the insured and this company mutually agree otherwise.  “Informalmeans that no formal discovery shall be conducted, including depositions, interrogatories, requests for admission, or other forms of formal civil discovery, no formal rules of evidence shall be applied, and no court reporter shall be used for the proceedings.

The appraisers then appraise the loss, stating separately actual cash value and loss to each item; and, failing to agree, shall submit their differences, only, to the umpire. An award in writing, so itemized, of any two when filed with the insurance company shall determine the amount of actual cash value and loss.

Each appraiser shall be paid by the party selecting him or her and the expenses of appraisal and umpire shall be paid by the parties equally.

How to make Property Damage Insurance Claim

Appraisal Players and Process

Our successful experience as commercial property insurance appraisers in settling disputes for policyholders through the appraisal process is 2nd to none. Over 10 years of commercial and residential construction and insurance adjusting experience in wind, hail, fire, vandalism, water loss, contents and business interruption appraisals.  Whether your disagreement is an apartment complex, condominium, retail center, office or medical building or your primary residence, here are a few appraisal award results that show our successful results…

Appraisal Results for Property Damage Insurance Claim

Let us put our experience in adjusting, estimating, and appraisal of over $50 million in property insurance claims for policyholders deliver the results you deserve. Our working knowledge and experience of the appraisal process for commercial properties helps to reduce the time necessary to complete the appraisal process so you can get back to business.

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