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Video: What is a good public adjuster?

How does a Policyholder qualify a good public insurance adjuster from a bad one?

A public insurance adjuster is an independent licensed advocate that a policyholder may hire to help settle an insurance claim on their behalf.  Among the voluminous amount of information online about the insurance claim process, getting professional help from a trustworthy source is not an easy task, and neither is trying to settle an insurance claim on your own.

Policyholders seeking professional, licensed representation to handle their property damage insurance claim following a hail storm, hurricane, fire, or other disaster researching “what is a public adjuster”, may come across an overwhelming amount of information. Finding and hiring an expert public adjuster near you who is trustworthy, credible, and experienced in your type of claim can be a challenge. Understanding what a public adjuster does and if you should hire one can depend on several variables including the state your property is located, deductible, policy language, coverage, exclusions, complexity, type of loss, condition of the property, amount of damage, when the damage occurred, and whether your insurer has wrongfully underpaid, delayed, denied your claim or acted in bad faith.


Assuming your insurance company will settle your claim fairly and promptly on your behalf can result in financial disaster.  The results a seasoned public adjuster can deliver are invaluable for a home or business owner struggling with their property damage insurance claim.  But, how do you know a good public adjuster versus a bad one?  The video below offers some great qualification questions that every policyholder should ask before hiring one to represent you to settle your property damage insurance claim.

Learn more>. Listen to the Podcast below.


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What is a public adjuster

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