What is a Public Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster
A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who is an advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a first party insurance claim

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Public adjusters are the ONLY type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured policyholder during a property insurance claim process.  Public adjusters are licensed by the state department of insurance.  ICRS public adjusters are also bonded and insured. 

Public adjuster’s main responsibilities are to:

  • Evaluate existing insurance policies in order to determine what coverage may be applicable to a claim
  • Research, detail, and substantiate damage to buildings and contents and any additional expenses
  • Evaluate business interruption losses and extra expense claims for businesses
  • Determine values for settling covered damages
  • Prepare, document and support the claim on behalf of the insured
  • Negotiate a settlement with the insurance company on behalf of an insured
  • Re-open claims

Typically a policyholder hires a public adjuster to document and expedite their claims, obtain a more satisfactory claim recovery, more quickly, and completely restore their residence or business operations, and insulate themselves from the stress of engaging in an adversarial role with a large corporation. Source: Wikipedia

Public Adjuster Representation Typically Resulted In Larger Payments
Public Adjuster Representation Typically Resulted In Larger Payments

Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) specializes in property claims documentation and consulting services that help support the policyholder’s interests.  We provide expert documentation and insurance claim specialists help commercial real estate owners manage risk, virtually risk free.

Our team of professionals includes adjusters, forensic accountants, risk managers, estimators and engineers.   Insurance companies engage various experts to assess the magnitude of the claim on their behalf.  We provide you with similar expert documentation to independently assess loss and damage so you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to.

Our daily work experience is entrenched in the process of settling insurance claims, insurance code, building code, estimating and negotiating your settlement so you can fully recover from an unexpected loss.

Make no mistake about it, your insurance company’s mission is to serve and protect their interests.  That is why behind the reassuring ads you see on TV, they have an army of their own adjusters, also known in the industry as “independent adjusters” who work directly for the insurance company, not you. Independent adjusters are hired on a contract-hiring basis and paid by the insurance company to document your loss in order to determine how much your claim is worth in their view.

Everybody Deserves A Fair Settlement, We Can HelpAs Public insurance adjusters we offer a great alternative for the policyholder who seeks an professional independent party to represent their interests, policyholder rights and put their claim on the shortest path to settlement.

The last thing you need when you have suffered a major loss to your property is more time, energy and frustration spent on insurance claim headaches.  An effective claims process can involve extensive paper work, accounting, construction, insurance code, legal, building code, estimates, expert witnesses insurance jargon plus knowledge of repairing building structures and code compliance.

icrs_logoWe work exclusively for you, the policyholder…NOT the insurance company, EVER!

Our job is to make sure that you receive the maximum insurance claim settlement you are entitled to in minimum time.
Your recovery is our success.

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    I am a commercial or multifamily policyholder who is not represented by any other party. I am not filing the same claim more than once for which I was previously indemnified without performing repairs. I understand that by furnishing my claim info for a free insurance claim review does not constitute an agreement that my interests are being represented by ICRS nor is ICRS providing legal advice. 

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