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What You Need To Know About the Insurance Claim Process

“What You Need to Know About The Insurance Claim Process” presentation at New Jersey Apartment Association HQ in Monroe Township, NJ on Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Estimated $87 Billion in Property Damage from Superstorm Sandy

Feb. 27, 2013 – PRLog — AUSTIN, Texas — You don’t have to deal with the insurance claim process alone.  Find out by attending “What You Need to Know About Insurance Claims” at New Jersey Apartment Association HQ in Monroe Township, NJ on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.  This informative session will be presented by Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster Scott Friedson of Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC.

You will learn…
– An overview of the commercial insurance claim process
– The difference between flood and wind claims
– Documenting wind damage claims
– What is a public insurance adjuster?
– Your options if you disagree with your insurance company’s claim assessment
– Your rights as a policyholder
– When to seek legal counsel
– What is an “appraisal of claim damage”?
– Business interruption claim tips
– How to receive your insurance claim process settlement in a timely manner
– Plus, other valuable tips and insights for commercial property damage insurance claim to get your maximum settlement in minimum time.

Free for NJAA Members, $75 for non-members
To register, download form or contact Jaclyn at 732-992-0607 for more information.
Or visit https://www.insuranceclaimrecoverysupport.com/register

Want to know the truth about fire damage insurance claims? Register for our webinar!

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