Property Owners

The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

Public Insurance Claim Adjusters Exclusively Represent Policyholders…NOT The Insurance Company

If your home or building has insurable damages exceeding $50,000.00, please consider retaining an ICRS professional Public Insurance Claim Adjuster immediately.  

Why?  The time, energy, and expertise required to successfully negotiate a large loss insurance claim settlement with your insurance company is simply not worth attempting on your own.  Insurance companies are in the business of writing policies, collecting premiums and employ Independent Adjusters to pay what they think is fair on your claim.

In fact, Independent Adjusters are not independent at all!  They work for and represent the interests of your insurance company, not you!

ICRS Public Adjusters level the playing field and give Policyholders a competitive edge over representing themselves or with a contractor.

We’re licensed insurance claim advocates committed to exclusively representing YOUR interests.  Not the insurance company.

So, when your insurance company asks you to list, document and describe everything that you lost and provide the cost to replace or repair your damaged property per your policy, we’ve got your back.

Put your mind to ease.  Eliminate the guesswork of interpreting your policy, save time by getting us involved as early as possible but don’t get discouraged if some time has passed.  Sometimes damage is “latent” from an event that you may have just realized occurred.  

You can count on Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC to professionally document your file in a “pro-policyholder” light that positions your claim for the successful recovery you deserve from your insurance company, promptly.  Why deal with insurance adjusters, contractors, and lawyers when you don’t have to!  

ICRS applies the insurance code, documents damage, compiles the facts, investigates the loss, works with experts such as engineers, insurance claim estimators, building consultants and counsel.  Then we produce reports, attend meetings, and negotiate your insurance claim settlement in a timely and cost effective manner.  

Policyholders  love our service because we offer high value services with contingency fee terms for professional insurance claim representation and documentation of your claim amount with no out of pocket cost.

Whether you have an initial, supplemental or denied insurance claim, you owe it to yourself to be professionally represented and avoid an underpaid or denied claim.

Put your insurance claim to the test.  We invite you to send your current or a past property damage  insurance claim for review.