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Insurance Claim Appraisal Services

The public adjusters exclusively for commercial and multi-family policyholders.
insurance appraisal services


Trust ICRS public adjusters to settle your insurance claim appraisal services

Public Adjuster for Insurance Claims

What is Insurance “Appraisal”?

Maximum Recovery, Minimum Time



– Do you have a dispute over “Repair” vs “Replacement”?
– Have you received funds or a settlement offer on your property damage insurance claim that you believe has been underpaid?
– Do you believe your damage warrants full replacement, but your insurance company just wants to repair it?
– Do you have damage, but your insurance company disagrees?
– Does it seem like your claim has “stalled out”?
– Has your claim been “denied” because your insurance company claims your damage is less than your deductible?

Appraisal – If the insured and the insurance company fail to agree on the actual cash value or loss, each shall select a competent and disinterested appraiser on either’s written request. This will review the claim value and policy coverage.

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An appraisal is the beginning of negotiations, not the end

When appraisal is invoked, the impartial appraisers select a competent and disinterested umpire; if the two appraisers cannot mutually agree on an umpire, then, at the request of the insured or the insurance company, the umpire can be selected by a judge of a court of record in the state in which the property covered is located.

Appraisal Proceedings in Texas and the rest of the US

Appraisal proceedings are informal unless the insured and this company mutually agree otherwise. “Informal” means that no formal discovery shall be conducted, including depositions, interrogatories, requests for admission, or other forms of formal civil discovery, no formal rules of evidence shall be applied, and no court reporter shall be used for the proceedings.

Get the settlement you’re owed!

Each appraiser then assesses the loss, separately stating each item’s actual cash value and loss. If they cannot agree, the umpire shall resolve their differences only. An award in writing, so itemized, of any two filed with the insurance company shall determine the amount of actual cash value and loss.

Each appraiser shall be paid by the party selecting him or her, and the expenses of appraisal and umpire shall be paid by the parties equally.


We Ensure Success for Our Clients and Ourselves

Our successful experience as a commercial property insurance appraisal provider settling disputes for policyholders through the appraisal process is second to none. Over 10 years of commercial and residential construction and insurance adjusting experience in wind, hail, fire, vandalism, water loss, contents, and business interruption appraisals. Whether your disagreement is an apartment complex, condominium, retail center, office or medical building, or your primary residence, a few appraisal award results show our successful results.

Let Insurance Claim Recovery Support put its experience in adjusting, estimating, and appraising over $50 million in property insurance claims for policyholders to deliver the results you deserve. Our working knowledge and experience in commercial properties’ appraisal process help reduce the time necessary to complete the appraisal process. As a result, you can get back to business soon.

Let Insurance Claim Recovery Support put our experience in adjusting, estimating, and appraisal of over $50 million in property insurance claims for policyholders deliver the results you deserve. Our working knowledge and experience of the appraisal process for commercial properties helps to reduce the time necessary to complete the appraisal process so you can get back to business.
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Why Choose Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS)

When you search for the most trusted public adjusters near me for commercial and multifamily fire insurance claims, Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) is the public insurance claim adjusting firm specializing in representing the interests of policyholders dealing with large property damage claims.

We hold HAAG Commercial Roof Inspector and IICRC WRT certifications in addition to public adjuster licenses in multiple states.

ICRS routinely settles complex multi-million dollar fire claims. If you own or manage an HOA, Multifamily apartment complex, food plant, storage facility, high-value home, or other commercial property, you’re no stranger to risk management. When your real estate asset suffers a fire and smoke damage insurance claim, managing risk and knowing your policyholder rights is critical to getting the fair and prompt settlement you deserve.

Large Commercial and Multifamily fire damage insurance claims can be complex, time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive if you don’t have professional guidance and representation. Know your rights and know your settlement options.

You wouldn’t hire the I.R.S. to prepare your tax returns so why allow your insurer to prepare your insurance claim?

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Risk-Free Loss Recovery Offer

Get a complimentary consultation on your insurance claim appraisal services.  We are insurance claim adjusters who work for policyholders, not the insurance company.   If you choose to hire us, we work on contingency. No recovery, no fee.  Our  insurance claim process is proven and streamlined.  We also value your privacy. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

Need immediate insurance claim appraisal services help?


What Client Says About ICRS

It pays to know ICRS – “747% Higher Payments with a Public Adjuster for Claims related to a 2005 Hurricane”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional who specializes in helping policyholders navigate the complex process of filing and negotiating property damage insurance claims. Public adjusters represent the policyholder’s interests, not the insurance company’s, and work to ensure that the policyholder receives a fair and prompt settlement for their claim. Their duties include evaluating the damage, reviewing the insurance policy, preparing a detailed claim, and negotiating with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder.
You should consider hiring a public adjuster if you are facing a large or complex property damage insurance claim, such as those resulting from fire, water, or storm damage. Public adjusters are particularly helpful when the scope of the damages is unclear, the insurance company’s offer seems insufficient, or there are disputes about the cause or extent of the damage. Hiring a public adjuster early in the claims process can help ensure that your claim is properly documented, and your interests are well-represented throughout the process.
Public adjusters typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they successfully recover a settlement for you. Their fee is usually a percentage of the total settlement amount, which is agreed upon in advance. This percentage can vary depending on the complexity of the claim and the location, but it usually ranges from 5% to 15% of the total settlement.
Insurance company adjusters are employed by the insurance company and work to protect the company’s interests. Their primary goal is to evaluate the claim and determine the amount the insurance company is liable to pay, which may not always align with the policyholder’s best interests. On the other hand, public adjusters are independent professionals who work exclusively on behalf of the policyholder. Their primary goal is to ensure that the policyholder receives a fair and prompt settlement for their claim.
While insurance agents and brokers can provide valuable guidance and assistance in filing an insurance claim, they may not have the specialized expertise required to manage complex property damage claims. Public adjusters have extensive experience in assessing damages, interpreting insurance policies, and negotiating with insurance companies, which makes them better equipped to handle large or complicated claims. Hiring a public adjuster can be especially beneficial if you are not satisfied with the settlement offer from your insurance company or if you are facing disputes regarding the cause or extent of the damage.
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7 Ways Commercial Policyholders Maximize Property Damage Insurance Claims

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