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Best Fire Property Damage Insurance Claim Public Adjusters

The public adjusters exclusively for commercial and multi-family policyholders.
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Trust ICRS public adjusters to settle your large-loss fire property damage insurance claim

When a fire has devastated your property, engaging ICRS public adjusters to help you settle your fire claim can help you put the pieces back together fairly and promptly.

Public Adjuster for Fire Claims

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Understanding Fire Insurance Claims and Policyholder Responsibilities

Fire insurance claims typically include charred, water, soot, and smoke-damaged materials.  The claims process, scope of work, and estimated price to reasonably mitigate, repair, or replace your business or residential property may also include mold, asbestos, business interruption losses, and code compliance.

Ensuing water damage, asbestos, and other additional damages potentially caused by the fire department’s efforts to put out a fire can lead to mold and other issues.  Your insurance policy language may site limited to no coverage. Your insurance company adjuster may blame a restoration company.  It is important that you understand that there are reasonable considerations and circumstances that can trigger or exclude coverage so it’s important and timely that policyholder’s fully understand both their benefits and liabilities. 

In order to determine how long you wait and how much you will have to pay for all your damages associated from a fire loss that is reasonable and necessary under your policy, it will likely require sophisticated negotiation skills. How quickly a fire claim is mitigated, documented, and submitted to an insurance company can make a BIG difference between a fair and prompt settlement or a burdensome journey filled with delays, frustration, underpayments, or worse yet, months of of unnecessary litigation or appraisal.

Importance of Timely Action and Policyholder Duties

Understanding your contractual duties as a policyholder to your insurance company and the contractual duties your insurer owes you as a policyholder is key to managing your liability and risk. If you’re not getting the answers you need from your insurance company, don’t wait! The longer fire-damaged property is exposed to moisture, soot, and the elements from openings caused by the fire department, the more liability you have as a policyholder.

Challenges in Fire Claim Investigations and Policy Interpretation

A proper good faith claim investigation can be subjective especially if the mitigation wasn’t handled properly or your fire claim has repair vs. replacement disputes. The interpretation of your policy and the scope of work to be performed can also be very subjective. Oftentimes, Policyholders have a certain view of covered damages, and insurance companies share a different view. The scope and cost of damages are often in dispute.

Role of Public Insurance Adjusters

Our public insurance adjusters help policyholders like you meet the burden of proof required by insurers and represent your interests to negotiate a fair and prompt settlement on your behalf, never the insurance company. Navigating policy language, benefits, and exclusions, proper depreciation, insurance adjuster estimates, engineer reports, law and ordinance limits, mold limits, documenting your losses, and holding your insurer accountable to the Department of Insurance guidance and insurance code statutes are all key points to successfully negotiating a fair and prompt settlement with your insurer.

Why Choose Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS)

When you search for the most trusted public adjusters near me for commercial and multifamily fire insurance claims, Insurance Claim Recovery Support (ICRS) is the public insurance claim adjusting firm specializing in representing the interests of policyholders dealing with large property damage claims.

We hold HAAG Commercial Roof Inspector and IICRC WRT certifications in addition to public adjuster licenses in multiple states.

ICRS routinely settles complex multi-million dollar fire claims. If you own or manage an HOA, Multifamily apartment complex, food plant, storage facility, high-value home, or other commercial property, you’re no stranger to risk management. When your real estate asset suffers a fire and smoke damage insurance claim, managing risk and knowing your policyholder rights is critical to getting the fair and prompt settlement you deserve.

Large Commercial and Multifamily fire damage insurance claims can be complex, time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive if you don’t have professional guidance and representation. Know your rights and know your settlement options.

You wouldn’t hire the I.R.S. to prepare your tax returns so why allow your insurer to prepare your insurance claim?

Hiring a Hygienist to Assist Your Fire Claim

A hygienist to help determine the extent of the damages you’ve incurred will make the claims process much more effective for getting you the maximum reimbursement you deserve. A Certified Industrial Hygienist will test your dwelling for levels of mold, asbestos, smoke, ash, soot, and various additional contaminants that exist within. The job of the hygienist is to test and report all resulting environmental damages as part of your fire claim.

Types of Sampling Conducted by a Hygienist

A hygienist will perform three important types of sampling in order to determine how much damage has been incurred. The first is tape sampling which focuses on testing for evidence of contaminants that exist on any interior surfaces of the home. The second is called vacuum sampling and this focuses on finding evidence of any particulate or contaminants that have permeated furniture, window coverings, floor coverings, and other soft materials located within the home. Lastly, the hygienist will conduct air sampling to detect the level of any breathable toxins that are in the air.

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster and Hygienist

All of these samples are tested for toxicity in a laboratory. Once the results are received by the hygienist, a full report is completed and recommendations are made as to whether the items that have been detected may be cleaned out entirely or if the materials that have been contaminated will need to be replaced.

By hiring a public adjuster and a certified hygienist, you can ensure that you have experts on your side to help you navigate the complex claims process. These professionals will work together to provide a thorough assessment of the damages and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. This can help you avoid underpayments, delays, and unnecessary litigation, ultimately leading to a fair and prompt settlement for your fire damage claim.

Preparing for Future Property Damage Claims

While it’s crucial to address current fire damage claims, it’s also important to prepare for potential future claims by understanding your insurance policy and assessing your risk management strategies. Review your policy regularly to ensure you have adequate coverage and consider making updates or adjustments as needed. By being proactive, you can minimize the financial impact of property damage and protect your assets.

Dealing with fire damage insurance claims can be a challenging and stressful experience, especially when you’re faced with complex policy language, differing interpretations, and potential disputes. By working with a public adjuster and a certified hygienist, you can ensure that your interests are well-represented, and you receive the fair and prompt settlement you deserve. Additionally, take the time to review your insurance policy and risk management strategies to minimize the impact of future property damage claims.

ICRS Fire Claims
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Get a complimentary consultation on your damage insurance claim.  Our public adjusters exclusively work for the interests of policyholders, not the insurance company.   If you choose to hire us, we work on contingency. No recovery, no fee.  Our insurance claim process is proven and streamlined.  We also value your privacy. We do not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

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What Client Says About ICRS

It pays to know ICRS – “747% Higher Payments with a Public Adjuster for Claims related to a 2005 Hurricane”

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Frequently Asked Questions

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance professional who specializes in helping policyholders navigate the complex process of filing and negotiating property damage insurance claims. Public adjusters represent the policyholder’s interests, not the insurance company’s, and work to ensure that the policyholder receives a fair and prompt settlement for their claim. Their duties include evaluating the damage, reviewing the insurance policy, preparing a detailed claim, and negotiating with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder.
You should consider hiring a public adjuster if you are facing a large or complex property damage insurance claim, such as those resulting from fire, water, or storm damage. Public adjusters are particularly helpful when the scope of the damages is unclear, the insurance company’s offer seems insufficient, or there are disputes about the cause or extent of the damage. Hiring a public adjuster early in the claims process can help ensure that your claim is properly documented, and your interests are well-represented throughout the process.
Public adjusters typically work on a contingency fee basis, meaning they only get paid if they successfully recover a settlement for you. Their fee is usually a percentage of the total settlement amount, which is agreed upon in advance. This percentage can vary depending on the complexity of the claim and the location, but it usually ranges from 5% to 15% of the total settlement.
Insurance company adjusters are employed by the insurance company and work to protect the company’s interests. Their primary goal is to evaluate the claim and determine the amount the insurance company is liable to pay, which may not always align with the policyholder’s best interests. On the other hand, public adjusters are independent professionals who work exclusively on behalf of the policyholder. Their primary goal is to ensure that the policyholder receives a fair and prompt settlement for their claim.
While insurance agents and brokers can provide valuable guidance and assistance in filing an insurance claim, they may not have the specialized expertise required to manage complex property damage claims. Public adjusters have extensive experience in assessing damages, interpreting insurance policies, and negotiating with insurance companies, which makes them better equipped to handle large or complicated claims. Hiring a public adjuster can be especially beneficial if you are not satisfied with the settlement offer from your insurance company or if you are facing disputes regarding the cause or extent of the damage.
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7 Ways Commercial Policyholders Maximize Property Damage Insurance Claims

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