Appraiser Interview Questions for Insurance Claims- Tips

The Public Adjusters Exclusively For Insured Policyholders

Thinking of invoking appraisal to settle an insurance claim dispute?  Before you hire an Appraiser, be sure to ask these important Interview Questions…

  • Do you have any certifications or licenses?
  • Are you unbiased and have no past dealing with the current claim in dispute?  Contractors and public adjusters who worked your claim prior to invoking appraisal or anyone associated with them may not be unbiased.
  • Do you work for insurance carriers?
  • Do you work exclusively with policyholders?
  • What percentage of your work is carrier vs policyholder?
  • What types of perils and structures have you appraised in the past that are similar to my loss?
  • What do you charge?
  • What are your terms?
  • Who would you list as potential umpire candidates?
  • Who has the carrier named as their appraiser?  Do you have equal qualifications as your opponent?
  • Have you ever been terminated as the appraiser during an appraisal?
  • Have you ever had to remove an umpire from the appraisal panel?
  • Have you ever had to get a court appointed umpire?
  • At what stage of the appraisal process do you work with the carriers appraiser in naming an umpire?
  • Do you plan to engage an engineer or building consultant?
  • Have you reviewed the carriers claim file?
  • What do you think our chances of winning are?
  • How do you plan to approach the items in dispute?
  • Are there any items that were overlooked in the initial claim that should be brought into the appraisal?
  • Are there any items that cannot be brought into the appraisal?
  • Do you have a preexisting relationship with the opposing appraiser, umpire or carrier?  Please explain.
  • How many appraisals have you performed?
  • What was the largest award you’ve won?
  • How many have you lost?
  • What is the shortest and longest appraisal you’ve worked on?
  • Is this claim file best suited for appraisal?  Why?
  • Have you ever had an appraisal award rejected by the carrier?
  • What was the most challenging appraisal you worked on?
  • What do you like best and least about the appraisal process?
  • Do you plan to write you own estimate and scope of damages or do you intend to adopt an existing one that existed prior to invoking appraisal?