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– The Truth About Fire Insurance Claim
What You Will Learn…
– What to look for and look out for settling your fire insurance claim
– Documentation Tips

– The difference between a “general contractor” & “public adjuster”

– When might an “attorney” be beneficial vs. a “public adjuster”

– What is a “public adjuster”?

– How long insurance claims should typically take.
– What to do if you don’t agree with your insurance company’s offer.

– How are “independent” & “public” adjuster different?

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The Truth About Fire Insurance Claims

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Only YOU, the policyholder of an insurance claim will receive the fair settlement you deserve from the insurance company if you understand the insurance claim process

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one of Texas Best Known Fire Claim Experts Public Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Claim Recovery Support LLC centrally located in Austin, Texas.

The interpretation of your policy and scope of work to be performed can be very subjective. Policyholders have a view and Insurance Companies have a view, and sometimes they are vastly different.

We are here to serve the community and protect the interests of you, the policyholder. I hope you find "The Truth About Fire Insurance Claims" informative.


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Truth #1: Everybody Deserves a Fair Settlement
Truth #2: Insurance Companies Have Experts Working for Them, You Should Too!
Truth #3 : Total and Partial Fire Losses Can Be Complicated

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