Government & Non-Profits


Understanding Government & Non-Profit Property Damage Insurance Claims

State and local governments including non-profit boards, schools, city halls, courthouses, multi-family, dorms, prisons, hospitals, marine ports and other publicly owned facilities turn to our professional public adjusters for guidance in adjusting large losses resulting from catastrophic events. The size of the buildings as well as the complex structure of the insurance policies covering them requires professional public adjusting assistance in many cases.

Elected officials or boards who involve our public adjusters early in the adjusting process often save time, eliminate frustration and get settled fairly. All too often we see a council or board making the mistake of waiting to see what the insurance company offers to pay and if not satisfied then seek professional help.

Avoid underpayments and delays in settling your claim. Valuable time is lost by not engaging our professional adjusting firm to start the claim settlement process.  Oftentimes coverage determination letters are made due to a failure to provide correct information that prove the facts of a loss required within the provisions of the insurance policy.

We encourage state and government agencies to consider our pre-loss Risk-Free service to insure that our professional public adjusting firm is available and ready to go before the loss. Insurance Claim Recovery Support welcomes the opportunity to discuss terms and agreements on both pre-loss planning as well adjusting services in the event of a loss.

government, Government & Non-Profits

As experienced public adjusters, we understand the claims process and have all the resources to help you settle your claim fairly.  Our knowledge of the insurance policy, claims process, and field experience has earned an unmatched reputation in the industry.

We pride ourselves on obtaining the maximum claims settlements in minimum time while avoiding unnecessary litigation or appraisals.